Free Spam Blockers Vs Paid Ones

Free spam blockers Vs, Paid ones are a topic that lurks at the back of your mind before opting for one. You may face the need of protecting your computer from the damages that spam can do to your computer. They not only occupy storage and memory space of the computer, but also spread viruses that can crash the whole system. It is best to avail the trial period to judge the type of spam blocker that suits your need.

Free spam blockers Vs, Paid ones

It is becoming impossible to stop email spam for both internet users and online business owners. Spam not only eats away the storage and memory space of the computer, but also poses various other problems. They can force your ISP to disconnect your internet connection. The virus in the spam can slower down your machine and cause the whole system to crash. It can not only steal all your confidential information, but also delete completely from the computer all the files and documents that you have stored. Thus, the spam blockers play a very important role in protecting your computer from any such damages.

A Free Trial before Purchasing

You can either buy a spam blocker or freely download it. Even though both are designed to perform the same function, yet there are some unique features and guarantee period that distinguishes a paid spam blocker from a free one. Be it paid or free, these anti spam software make use of anti spam programs to track spam. They are beneficial in avoiding phishing. You get a variety of this software like Spam Bully, Spam Inspector, and Zaep. The best part of free spam blockers is that you can easily update the version and keep your system up-to-date by downloading the new version. With paid spam blockers, you will have to buy them every time some new version is available to install it.

The Norton Anti Spam 2005 is a paid one that operates on almost all the platforms like Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows Me. They filter email on multiple levels and operate on POP3. Even in the toolbars of Outlook, Eudora and more, they add anti spam filter options. They not only block spasm but also pop-up ads. Another paid version is the Spam Alarm that filters in only the good messages against a huge load of messages. Most of the times the free spam blockers are effective in only blocking spam. In doing so, they may sometimes even block useful messages that they detect as spam. The paid ones cater to this need carefully and are often provided with anti-virus scan. Whatever spam blocker you use, it is best to use the trial first before installing it on your computer.

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Spam Blockers – What They Can Do to Protect You

Spam blockers might be among the most important things that have to come along with your computer. This is most especially true if you are connected to the internet and you are more likely to be targeted by phishers and spammers. Having an efficient spam blocker installed in your PC will not only save you from the trouble of deleting numerous junk mails that arrive in your inbox. Spam blockers can even protect you from the dangers posed by viruses and phishing that usually get through your PC through unsolicited spams. Here are more reasons why you should have a spam blocker installed in your PC:

Spam blockers help you avoid tricky and dangerous spam mails. Having an inbox flooded by unsolicited junk mails in not only irritating, it is troublesome. Even if you have spent plenty of time and effort deleting the spam messages that arrive in your mailbox, they just keep coming back. In addition to this, unwanted spam messages that arrive in your mailbox are not only limited to those that advertise pornographic products. Spam messages are the hackers’ and phishers’ bridge to steal important information from you such as your bank and credit card numbers. Without a spam blocker, these spoofed email messages will keep on coming back and it is not impossible that you will fall prey to one of them. A spam blocker is therefore helpful in protecting you against phishing and spamming by blocking unwanted emails before they hit your inbox.

Spam blockers help you save time. Deleting junk mails is tiring and time consuming. The time you spend checking your bulk messages and your inbox for suspicious entries could have been spent in more fruitful and enjoyable activity. The worse thing is that despite your time and effort, the spams that you have deleted are more likely to return. Spam blockers cannot only help you avoid the hassles of manually deleting the spam mails that arrive in your inbox. They can also protect your inbox from receiving similar spam messages in the future.

There are a number of anti-spam softwares and spam blockers that are available for you to choose from. You can either download free spam blockers or purchase spam blockers from the internet. If you are looking for a spam blocker for Outlook, you can make use of SpamButcher which is considered as an efficient outlook express spam blocker.

Spam is troublesome and dangerous. It is therefore best that you protect yourself from it. The most efficient means to do this is by installing a spam blocker in your computer. Spam blockers help you avoid tricky and dangerous spam mails. They also help you save time and effort dealing with unwanted spam in your PC. If you have decided that now is the best time to effectively fight spam, do so with spam blockers. They can do a lot to help and protect you from the dangers and troubles of spam.

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